Think Tank with a Twist

Pay attention to a new think tank. It is run by students.

The Roosevelt Institution started by students from Stanford with the help of other students from Columbia, Yale, and Middlebury College, researches policy issues and communicates results to officials at all levels of government and legislature. Part of the idea behind the institution is that the research and writing students undertake for their classes can be applied to the real world.

The Institution has chapters and activities on about 200 campuses across the US, Canada, and Europe. Its campus-based policy centers are formed by students who research, analyze, and develop solutions to policy issues in a variety of areas such as energy, human rights, public health, etc.

The organization’s advisors include people such as Richard Celeste – former governor of Ohio and former US Ambassador to India, the influential philosopher Richard Rorty, and the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine “The Nation” Katrina vanden Heuvel.

In 2007 the Institution is focusing on three challenges concerning issues in higher education, energy, and the plight of working families. Problems and solutions related to these areas will be presented by students in a series of symposia held at several US universities throughout the year. A symposium on energy policy will be held this Saturday (March 03, 2007) on the Stanford University campus.

The Roosevelt Institution provides students with good experience in directly applying their education to affecting national and state policy on social and political issues while still in college. The organization is only a little over two years old. It will be interesting to observe what impact it has on policy and, more importantly, how it influences students who work in it and how it shapes their careers.


One response to “Think Tank with a Twist

  1. At least we know that it will be purely ‘Liberal’ in its influence. I do not believe it will result in any new or different findings then the Democratic Party perspective, so why bother? It becomes redundant at best.
    Curious, who chose the name Roosevelt Institution? and why?

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