Business climate in Pakistan

A couple of interesting reports on the business climate in Pakistan these days. (Thanks to PAL-C for providing information about and links to these reports).

First, despite the ruckus accompany the suspension of the Chief Justice in Pakistan, the financial services firm of JP Morgan has this to say about the investment climate in Pakistan and Musharraf’s position:

“• Investment climate impact: We believe that investors need not be apprehensive of the situation that has been created. President
Musharraf’s painstaking efforts to bring the country economically to where it is today are not likely to be eroded by this one step. It is, after all, an election year and we are likely to see a few ups and downs politically. We would still recommend that investors focus on Pakistan’s improving economic fundamentals.”

Acceptance of SJC decision
President Musharraf has categorically stated that he will accept whatever decision the SJC takes. He has also stated that once the hearing of the CJ is over and the SJC gives its decision, he will publicly explain on national television the details of the entire incident.”

This is the link to the report provided by PAL-C.

Second, Pakistan’s country profile in a report from the World Bank on doing business in South Asia in 2007 gives it a reasonably good evaluation (2nd overall in South Asia and in the upper half of countries globally – figure at top of page 45).

The ease of doing business in various cities of Pakistan is ranked (ca April 2006, Table 2.7) as follows:
1. Karachi
2. Faisalabad
3. Sialkot
4. Lahore
5. Peshawar
6. Quetta

Again, this is the link to the report provided by PAL-C.

Note, both of the links provide partial reports, not full copies.

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